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Getting Started with FlashDevelop on Windows 10

FlashDevelop is a free IDE for Windows. You can use it to develop Adobe Flash and AIR applications using ActionScript.

Install Chocolatey

Chcocolatey is a package manager for Windows.

Open PowerShell as Administrator and run the following command:

iex ((new-object net.webclient).DownloadString(''))

Install Java 8 SDK 32-bit

FlashDevelop requires a 32-bit java on the system path.

In PowerShell as Administrator:

choco install jdk8 -params "x64=false"

Install FlashDevelop

Download the latest FlashDevelop setup package from and install it, FlashDevelop-5.0.2.exe at the time of writing.

Install Additional Software

  1. Start FlashDevelop
  2. Install SDKs and other tools using AppMan, from Tools -> Install Software ...
    • Flex SDK + AIR SDK
    • Flash Player (SA)
  3. Restart FlashDevelop, so that it can detect the installed SDKs and tools properly.

Create New Project

  1. Create a new project from: Project -> New Project
  2. For project type choose AS3 Project
  3. Set a breakpoint in Main method - Ctrl+Shift+B
  4. Compile - F11
  5. Debug - F5