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Android Honeycomb emulator is completely useless

I decided to test drive the new Android 3.0 and tools today.

I updated my Eclipse environment to the latest Helios revision and then downloaded and installed the latest Android SDK and tools.

I created a basic photo slideshow application to test with. However, the Android 3.0 Honeycomb emulator is so slow, it is actually useless for any kind of development or testing. It takes forever for the application to load and start and then it runs extremely slow. The machine I test on is Intel Core i7, 2.67 GHz, quad-core with 12GB RAM, so that is a pretty good machine. I cannot imagine what else the Android emulator might need to run faster.

XNA Game Framework for iOS and Android

I recently came across MonoGame / (formerly XNATouch) – a cool open source project that implements XNA on top of OpenGL. MonoGame currently runs on MonoTouch, Mac OS X and Windows, and MonoDroid will be supported as well. So now we have a portable .NET game platform for all major mobile platforms.

Can HP become the next Apple

As you may know HP acquired WebOS when it bought phone maker Palm for $1.2 billion last year, and this week Leo Apotheker, the new CEO of HP, said in a Bloomberg interview, that starting next year, every PC shipped by HP will come with WebOS in addition to Microsoft Windows.

I think it is a move in the right direction for HP. Clearly, if done right, a model where both hardware and software are developed in-house works (as shown by Apple). If HP is able to play the software part well, then we might see some users switching to WebOS at least for home use.

If HP is successful with WebOS, other big PC vendors might follow the same model. So, where all this leaves Microsoft? One way for Microsoft to continue forward is to start making and selling its own brand of computer, tablet and possibly phone device (just like it did with Zune and Xbox).

Can Intel become the next Apple

Now that Nokia has abandoned Intel’s MeeGo,the most logical way forward for Intel is to start designing its own phone and tablet device. That way Intel will control both the hardware and the software and will be able to make them work together well.So what do you think? Can Intel become the next Apple?

A few thoughts about Nokia-Microsoft deal and Windows Phone 7

A few days ago Nokia announced that it would start using Windows Phone 7 as the main mobile operating system on all its future smartphones. I think this is probably a good deal for Microsoft. I do not see how this is good for Nokia though. This deal basically reduces Nokia to just a hardware manufacturer.

The worst part is that Nokia becomes completely dependent on Windows Phone 7 which as a platform is way behind Android. Nokia should have chosen Android, kept their investment in MeeGo, and provided Android and MeeGo migration tools to Symbian developers.